[SPB #SoundCloud Find] 01

The 1st of an ongoing series showcasing music artists on SoundCloud
#1 ) Latest tracks by howse
Howse – Boston, MA, USA
Our Fav Cloud > vbs by howse
– Loving the way these vocal samples layer over the eerie beat perfectly.
#2 ) Latest tracks by chushi
Chushi – Dmitrov, Russia
Our Fav Cloud plains of delight by chushi
– A nice Lo-Fi tune that introduces his Plains of Delight EP just right.
#3 ) Latest tracks by Munis
Munis – Caserta, Italy
Our Fav Cloud > Inductance by Munis
#4 ) Latest tracks by Glenn Astro
Glenn Astro – Germany
Our Fav Cloud > Glenn Astro – Walk Away by Glenn Astro
#5 ) Latest tracks by WAKE
Wake NYC – New York City, NY, USA
Our Fav Cloud > tides by WAKE
– I’d say the unmastered quality actually works for this slow beat. The vibe feels just right.
#6 ) Latest tracks by pthelo
Pthelo – NY, USA
Our Fav Cloud > pingpong by pthelo
– What’s better than sampling some table tennis? FlyLo did it to much avail.
#7 ) Latest tracks by Wazuhiru
Ilya Wazuhiru – Moscow, Russia
Our Fav Cloud > Enjoy the silence (Mario’s version) by Wazuhiru
– Classic Depeche Mode with a new Mario spin on it.
#8 ) Latest tracks by Sylvermayne
Syvermayne – Toronto, ON, Canada
Our Fav Cloud > KING by Sylvermayne
– Some futuristic boombastic spacey ass glitchy dust-hop! I really don’t know what to say about this track. So many layers entering my ears at once.
#9 ) Latest tracks by Hourglass Sea
Hourglass Sea – Bradford, UK
Our Fav Cloud > L.A Lights by Hourglass Sea
– Such a dreamy rhythm with those 8-Bit/Video Game elements. It’s the same sort of nostalgic feel I get when I listen to a Hud Moh track.
#10 ) Latest tracks by DZA
DZA – Moscow, Russia
Our Fav Cloud > Hudson Mohawke – re/FUSE by Dza by DZA
– Speaking of Mohawke, this remake is a fresh new touch.

What about your favourites?

I’ll be back with another 10 Artists Later…

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