Review: Kensington Market’s Pedestrian Sunday – June 26th 2011

This is a REVIEW of SouthPawBrown’s Monthly Event at Longboard Living for the Summer of 2011.

The 2nd installment of Kensington Market’s Pedestrian Sunday went off with a bang!

Collaborations with local artists and businesses play a strong role in community development. I honestly can’t think of any other neighbourhood in the entire city that does it so well. By combining the sport/hobby with the culture that surrounds it, Longboard Living continues to bring forth the best local artists in each respected field. Ryan Rubin, along with his team at both 202 Augusta Ave. & 86.5 Nassau St. are always incorporating original art with their craft. Chris Burns’ custom wood burning at Champstiles and Jimmy Chiale‘s pieces are just to name a few.

These aforementioned points are precisely why I love being a part of LL. From last months jammin’ with local Kensington MC’s Ian, Blocka, and Khemist to spinnin’ a reggae set with MBALO from Paris… the feeling is all mutual.

It’s all for the love!

By working together, this past Sunday was an even greater success!

We had plenty of MC’s roll through as well as a guest mix from DJ Combo + The Cypher crew that came out hard bringing forth that non-stop energy.

Scroll Down to have a look & listen from the days festivities…

Special Thanks to Colin Walker for all of the Photography Featured Below

SouthPawBrown, DJ Combo, J Maroon, MC Fubb, Slick Nick, Sean & More.

SPB Live at Longboard Living W/The Cypher & Friends (June 26th 2011) by SouthPawBrown

MC Fubb & J Maroon

You’ll hear in this cloud below MC Fubb & J Maroon spitting alongside these Chinese Dragon dancers.

SPB Live at Longboard Living W/The Cypher (June 26th 2011) by SouthPawBrown

SPB Live at Longboard Living W/The Cypher + Local Enthusiasts (June 26th 2011) by SouthPawBrown

SPB Live at Longboard Living W/The Cypher + Local Harmonicist (June 26th 2011) by SouthPawBrown

Sean beat-boxing to the crowd.

Samba Elégua begins to enter our spot at Augusta & Baldwin to cap off the festivities at approximately 6:15pm.

Samba Elégua Live at Baldwin & Augusta W/The Cypher (June 26th 2011) by SouthPawBrown

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Samba Elégua Live at Baldwin & Augusta Creating “Change” (June 26th 2011) by SouthPawBrown

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Want to be involved with SouthPawBrown & Longboard Living?

Use this Contact Sheet to submit your music (if you would like something played at the next event), list your skills if you want to MC, DJ, Dance, etc. Leave as many details as possible so we know how to work you in. *Make sure it’s at least 2 weeks before the end of each month so we can try to schedule you in depending on what you would like to do. Each hour will have a dedicated purpose so we may not be able to fit in all requests.

Remember to stay updated on the event page for a full schedule of next months event. Details will be posted shortly…

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SPB Live at Pedestrian Sundays in Kensington Market | "Right Music Forward"

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